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Education and Community
By being immersed in a fantastic audio environment, students are transported
back in time to the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest tin and copper mines
in Victorian Cornwall. They are met by Flora Crago, an experienced Bal maiden
at the mine, as it is her job to get the children who are about to start work on the
lower dressing floor, accustomed to the strange and un-nerving workplace.

To help them isolate the different elements of the mine, Flora identifies examples
of the sounds made by the various processes and people of the mine and relays
short descriptions inspired by Victorian writers.  Students must try to link the
sounds they hear with the appropriate picture on their worksheets using her

Flora then asks the new 'recruits' to provide some words of their own to describe
sounds they have heard as she is “always keen to learn new words”. Students
are encouraged to make suggestions, vote on their favourite words, and write on
Flora’s blackboard. Then the students hear the sounds of the mine again and
Flora takes their words and uses them in her prose, “to help with the next bunch
of young’uns that comes along”.

This is an exciting and challenging learning activity which encourages students to
listen carefully and use their imagination. The focus is historical and cultural with
core skills embedded and it provides a memorable referral point in subsequent
classroom work.

The class can be provided with a CD, with Flora using their words in her prose,
or if they wish, a workshop can be provided where students record themselves
and their descriptions which is then combined with the Gonamena soundscape.

Duration: 45 mins.  

Full technical support.     

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Sonic Literature: Settlin' in with Flora
Working in collaboration with Caradon
Hill Area Heritage Project (
Flora Crago from Simon
Parker's play
Listen to some of the bewildering sounds of
South Caradon mine used by Flora to; "help
the young 'uns  get 'customed to the place".

What can you hear ?

South Caradon Mine
The importance of listening,
the acoustic environment
and how soundscapes can
enhance learning.
The sounds of working horses have been
removed from the activity so as not to upset
the local pony population.
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