Sharon Brown
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Sharon Brown
Flora Crago from
Simon Parker's play
I moved with my family to Cornwall when I was 8 years old.  Being raised in Cornwall
has influenced my life a great deal.  With the beautiful landscapes and quiet and
serene environment it was an eventuality that I would find the world of Art.

It took me a while, I have had careers in Local Government and Social Care, studied a
degree and undertaken a teaching qualification until, eventually, I followed my artistic
nature at the age of 37.

I trained for four years at a local college in Acting, Musical Theatre and Live Art
Performance and in 2009 I had the pleasure of playing Flora Crago in Simon Parker's
community play Gonamena. I have been hooked ever since.

Much of the work I had performed has been while undertaking college courses, the
eclectic range had not drawn me into any particular field,  I enjoyed them all. After
leaving college I began to work more with my voice and creative narrative.

In July 2010 I came first in a writing competition, my prize was a ticket to Port Elliot
Literary Festival where I performed a live reading of my composition and some site
specific theatre with Heads and Tales (Bristol).  This inspired me to begin writing for
audio works and educational performance.

In late 2010 while working as a volunteer with the Cornwall Blind Association, I
collaborated with local author Joe Plant to
audio transcribe his book 'Torpoint's War
Diary 1939-1946'. Copies are available at Torpoint Library.

I returned to Port Elliot Festival 2011 to showcase
Sonic Literature, a combination of
narrative and sonic art which uses principles of acousmatics and acoustic environment
to create a soundscape in response to thought provoking text. See

August 2011, Sonic Literature installs a site specific multi-speaker piece in Tehidy
country park as part of Rouge Theatre's production 'Devil and the Dancer in the
woods'. See
01579 345 819
07773 216 539
Audio Trail: The Duke of
Bedford’s Grand Plan:
Tavistock Town
See here (external link)
Direct link to Audio Trail
Excerpt from Torpoint's
War Diary 1939-1946
Audio Book
by Margery Williams
Other Audio Transcribed
Allow yourself to be taken on a
journey with this collection of

Written in the first person and
only available in audio format
the journey is intensified and
open to interpretation.

Priced at only £6.99 plus p&p
this collection of five tracks
gives approximately 40
minutes of entertainment.
Please click on the link below
for a sample of each track.
Alongside creating works for education and site specific theatre I am available for hire
as an audio artist creating audio books for authors and publishers, voice overs and
transcribing the written word.