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Performance and Installation
Sonic Literature is a merging of sonic art and narrative. Each track tells a story
which can be interpreted by the listener in a myriad of ways. See
Accepted for inclusion at the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference. Ionian
University Corfu  3-7 October 2011 as part of the World Listening Project. see

"Wish pop radio had the scope to include brave inventive avantgarde soundscapes like
this one"
Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6
Multi-Speaker site specific installation piece for Rogue Theatre as part of The Dancer
and The Devil in the Woods production Tehidy August 2011.
"...a perfect contribution to The Dancer and The Devil in The Woods.  Tackling the
emotive themes of the project they halted the audience in their tracks, capturing them
in their atmospheric web of sound and poetry and sending them on their way more
immersed in the story and hearts beating faster.  Gripping, enchanting and tragic a
perfect mix of evocative words spoken beautifully with stirring and haunting sounds".
Ollie Oakenshield, Rogue Theatre See here
Multi-Speaker historical Soundscape array installed at Minions Quarry 27th September
2011 for Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project. Sounds of authentic rock splitting
processes (tare and feather), steam crane and horse drawn rail transport. Utilising the
natural acoustics of the site to recreate the atmosphere of a working granite quarry.
Working in collaboration
with Caradon Hill Area
Heritage Project
"The children from Upton Cross, Newham really enjoyed their time on the moors.The
hi-light for them was definitely hearing the sounds of the quarry, which was all the
more atmospheric because of the mist".
Mark J Clutsom, Headteacher Upton
Cross Primary School  
Live Performance of Spyraclyptic Analgesia at Cafe Concrete Plymouth April 30th 2012

"An excellent and atmospheric performance!"
 Matt Coombe, Cafe Concrete