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Support and Services
Sound Design
High quality sound effects to enhance dramatic performances. We can provide a comprehensive
effects package tailored to your specific needs. Simply provide us with a copy of your script with
effects annotated, and we will create an easy to navigate CD with all the effects and background
music you need scene by scene. Or if you prefer a data CD with files you can arrange yourself.
Live Events
Fully trained and experienced sound engineer to get the best possible results in any
Audio Transcription
Any text transferred to spoken word; Newspaper articles, Academic papers and books.
Recorded, produced and packaged to your requirements.
Impartial advice and on equipment and software you will need to get started and ongoing
support to help you pursue your own recording career.
Home Studio
by Margery Williams
Reading by Sharon
Mobile recording service to record your band at a gig or create a demo in the comfort of
your own home.
Mobile Recording Studio
Blue Puma Music Support and Services
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